Friday, September 4, 2015

Ensuring A/C Protection Year Round

During these hot summer months, a home’s AC unit can be its lifeline. Some areas of the country have temperatures so hot and humid that many people would suffer from heat stroke if it were not for cooler air inside their homes. Maintaining a home’s AC unit with yearly maintenance is a must according to Frank Weglarz of Action Air HVAC Construction Inc.
Since AC units of all kinds will be running nonstop at high capacity this summer, don’t wait until there is a catastrophic problem to contact a local HVAC technician for a yearly tune-up or maintenance visit. Tune-ups performed by qualified HVAC professionals like the ones at Action Air HVAC Construction Inc. are intended to keep an AC unit running smoothly during the heat of the summer and the bone cold days of winter.
In order to ensure an air conditioning unit is performing safely and efficiently, re-calibration of electrical components and replacing certain worn out parts are necessary. This saves the homeowner time, money, and future breakdowns.
A typical tune up will cost the homeowner around $70 - $100 per visit. Regular system maintenance of a home’s AC unit needs to be done twice a year. If a home has pets, an air conditioning system will actually need more attention. Don’t forget that pets need to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
A regular tune-up will help keep a system clean and safe along with restoring proper function. There are many different parts to modern AC units. To ensue each of these components is functioning to their best and intended use, a technician will check for worn out or weak parts. When parts are worn out or not functioning to optimal standards, the system is put under greater strain, making it less productive and in turn expending more energy. This causes the system to run long, cool less efficiently, and cost the homeowner more money for less result.
Because the central air system depends on each and every part, these components individually must be in its best form to contribute to successful and efficient air conditioning. When parts are worn out or weak, failing to schedule a repair or replacement puts greater strain on the system as a whole, making it less productive and expending more energy.
A certified HVAC technician will work with a homeowner to clean and repair an AC unit. Regular maintenance will keep a system from being overstressed. This helps a unit last longer and perform cleaner.
By skipping regular maintenance on an AC unit, a number of problems can arise. Some of these problems can pose health risks while others just make life less comfortable. For example, dirty filters restrict the flow of air, pollutes indoor air quality, and puts undo strain on a system which cuts the longevity of a unit.
Loose electrical components can trip circuit breakers and shut down the system altogether, worn out capacitors can keep an AC unit from starting at all. Restricted return vents can cause a unit to overheat due to insufficient air supply and evaporator coils can cause harm to the health of a family by supporting microbiological growth. All of these conditions can compromise air quality and the comfort of a home, but are easily fixed with regular AC tune-ups.
Contact Frank Weglarz of Action Air HVAC Construction Inc. and his team of experts to conduct your air conditioners next tune up.